Northern Delights Inuit Herbal Tea

Northern Delights

Naturally Caffine-free, these herbal teas were created by the Inuit people of Nunavik (Northern Québec). The teas showcase the plants that thrive in these extreme areas, which are picked and cleaned by hand before being expertly blended with other herbs & spices.

Blend #1, with Labrador Tea (Mamaittuqutik)- A calming yet spirited blend of Labrador tea leaves, bearberry and peppermint, the real secret to the deeply satisfying flavour of Northern Delights Blend #1 is hand picked Labrador tea herbs harvested from the tundra of Nunavik. 

Blend #2, with Cloudberry (Arpiqutik)- Subtle and reminiscent of maple, with cloudberry leaves and roasted dandelion root. This amber coloured herbal tea welcomes the wanderer home with hand-picked cloudberry leaves, sarsaparilla root, fenugreek seeds and roasted maté leaves.

Blend #3, with Ground Juniper (Qisiqtutauyak)- A memorable delight, this golden blend helps clear your mind. This herbal tea blend, with a minty, citrusy reassurance, is a mixed of Ground Juniper, echinacea, red clover blossoms, lemongrass, and more.

Blend #4, with Crowberry (Paurnagaqutik)- Deeply satisfying, the rich violet colour of Blend #4 comes from the hand-picked crowberry leaves. This herbal tea has a refreshingly crisp taste and an intense hue from crowberry, hibiscus blossoms, juniper berries, and red poppy flowers.

Blend #5, with Arctic Blend (Ukiurtatuq)- Features hand-picked Labrador tea leaves, combined with echinacea, peppermint, elderflower, chamomlie, cinnamon, ginger, cloves & coltsfoot leaves.

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