Island Nut Roastery's Trail Mix

Island Nut Roastery

Island Nut Roastery's products are made in small batches with only the highest-quality ingredients to ensure the ultimate freshness. Roasted, ground and mixed on Vancouver Island, you’ll be able to taste the Coastal freshness, quality, and care in every nut at Island Nut Roastery.

Sunshine Coast- A lively mix for the lover of everything outdoors, from lounging on the beach to hiking the Sunshine Coast trail. Features cashews, dried strawberries, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, dried papaya & banana chips

Sea to Sky- A perfect mix of sweet and crunchy for the outdoor enthusiast exploring the Sea-to-Sky corridor. A classic mix of peanuts, raisins, almonds, cashews & smarties.

One Saling Wait- A tasty balance of mixed nuts and dried fruit to console you at the terminal after hearing those dreaded words: one sailing wait. Includes almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, diced pineapple, chopped apricots & pecans.

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