Escuminac's Maple Syrup


Award-winning maple syrups from Escuminac in the Chaleur Bay region of Québec, Canada in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. 
Swept by sea air from the nearby Gulf of St. Lawrence, this terroir enjoys a unique climate, ideal for the production of maple syrup. The Maple harvesting season takes place from February to April, and the time of harvest has a pronounced effect on the syrup itself. 

Amber = Extra Rare
Escuminac extra rare maple syrup is produced in very small quantities, making it the most rare of the syrups. It is harvested during the first three days of the maple season and is golden in colour with bright highlights. It is the mildest in the range with notes of subtle caramel and honeysuckle

Medium = Great Harvest
Escuminac great harvest maple syrup is the most popular in the range, and is the most bountiful harvest. It has a flavour profile of buttered brown sugar, toffee and dates and a full-bodied, rounded flavour.

Dark = Late Harvest
Escuminac late harvest maple syrup is produced at the end of the season and has a dark, pronounced colour and flavour. With notes of rye, deep caramel and roasted sugar, it is well suited for use in cooking or cocktails.


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