East Van Jams

East Van Jam

Natalie Ferrari-Morton hosted low-sugar canning courses where her clients often wondered why there was not a "great tasting, low sugar jam available on the market?" In 2013, Natalie created East Van Jam, preserves with personality and great taste. More love, less sugar!

Blackberry Jack - local BC blackberries, pure lime juice, organic cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, orange blossom water
Madame Cherry - dark, sweet cherries, sparkling wine, organic cane sugar, pure lemon juice, pectin, pure vanilla extract, citric acid
Fuzz E Peach - Okanagan peaches, organic cane sugar, ginger, pure lemon juice, cardamom, pectin, citric acid
Raspberry Dandy - Fraser valley raspberries, organic cane sugar, pure lemon juice, pure vanilla extract, pectin, anise extract, citric acid
Fig Viscious - East Van backyard figs, balsamic vinegar, organic cane sugar, Mediterranean sea salt, pectin, citric acid
Poppy Cock Pepper - BC grown red bell peppers, onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, cracked black pepper, black mustard seed, pectin, citric acid
Mini Trio Packs - Main Street:
Pack of three mini jam jars

Mini Trio Packs In-Store on Granville Island: 
Commercial Drive
Powell Street
Clark Drive

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