Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey

Drizzle Honey is an everyday luxury you can feel great about. Drizzle is raw, bee-friendly, and supports Canadian beekeepers!

Drizzle White Honey is a floral, delicate, raw honey, buttery in texture and perfectly paired with the fresh light flavours of fruit, lattes and warm bread.

Drizzle Golden Honey is a rich, bold, raw honey, perfectly paired with daring flavours like hot sauce, aged cheese or a cup of strong coffee.

Drizzle Ginger Shine Honey is a raw honey that contains the natural, immunity boosting power of Ginger, Lemon, Elderflower and Chamomile. Try in a warming cup of tea or to brighten up a dressing or glaze.

Drizzle Turmeric Gold is Drizzle's take on the traditional golden milk elixir. The anit-inflammatory properties of turmeric, cardamom and black pepper and rose make this superfood blend a favourite for everyday.

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