Candid Confectioner's Caramels

Candid Confectioner

Much more than your average caramel, Candid Confectioner’s Caramels are soft, buttery, melt in your mouth goodness. Once you’ve tried the Classic Sea Salt, be sure to check out the infused Caramels including Baileys with Espresso, Bourbon & Orange, and Chai.


Stephanie Chan’s handcrafted, artisanal caramel company was born out of her work at Vancouver’s Vij’s Rangoli. After witnessing the staff’s ritual tea and sweets break, she was inspired to develop a special chai-infused treat for them to enjoy. Upon owner Vikram Vij’s encouragement, Candid Confectioner was born and Stephanie’s Vancouver-based company now offers four unique flavors of amber treats made "as a labour of love, candidly confected."


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