Canadian Prairie's Bison Pemmican

Canadian Prairie Bison

Canadian Prairie Bison is a Western Canadian bison producer based co-operative with approximately 150 bison producers over the four Western provinces, raising top quality, naturally fed bison. 
Bison meat is very healthy, naturally high in iron, and lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol.

Their bison pemmican is made with locally raised bison, locally grown Saskatoon berries, high quality “WILD” blueberries, and made locally at The Food Centre in the University of Saskatchewan.

Flavours from the Past
bison meat, 20% Saskatoon berries grown in Saskatchewan! This has a sweet and smoky flavour.

Cracked Pepper Blueberry
bison meat, 10% wild blueberries, which have more flavour and double antioxidants than regular blueberries, Italian cracked black pepper
Varieties, Flavours, Sizes

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