Artisan Edibles' Chutneys

Artisan Edibles

Artisan Edible’s Chutneys are created with ingredients picked at the height of their flavour. The Meyer Lemon Chutney combines the sweet and juicy Meyer lemon with fresh and dried fruits, pine nuts, onions, mustard seeds, and anisette, creating an artful tangy balance to excite the palate and enliven a myriad of dishes.  The Apple Fig Ginger Chutney is a harmony of flavours, with the addition of cider vinegar and Artisan Edible’s secret spices. 


Located in Parksville, British Columbia, dubbed by some as the “Jewel of Vancouver Island”, Artisan Edibles specialize in the production and sale of gourmet food products and prides themselves on high quality, beautifully packaged products. Edible Canada carries a selection of our favourite preserves, ones we feel that capture the flavours of summer in a jar. 


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